Home Warranties

Limited Warranty and Construction Standards for New Homes


Capstone's attention to detail does not end after you move into your new home. We want you to be happy in your new home and are committed to assuring quality service — even after the sale.

Capstone will provide quick and reliable service for all Warranty Claims and requests submitted in writing, via email, to Warranty@Capstone-Homes.com. We are committed to making sure we deliver the very best in quality products and services so that your homebuying — and home owning experience is the best it can be.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and thank you again for purchasing a Capstone Home.

Warranty Policy Disclaimers

Capstone Homes draws a sharp line of distinction between homeowner maintenance items and construction defects covered under our limited home warranty. Please read carefully the contents of this Limited Warranty Booklet.

All warranty service requests must be submitted to the Warranty Department, in writing, via email to warranty@capstone-homes.com for approval and scheduling purposes.

Homeowners that “add-on” items not approved through Capstone’s warranty department while the various trades are completing pre-approved work orders are subject to direct billing for those services. Any peripheral damages caused by unapproved work orders will be the homeowners’ responsibility to correct.

Note: In the following tables, "CH" indicates "Capstone Homes"

The language contained within this limited warranty booklet shall supersede and replace all prior warranty booklets and contents, oral or written, between Capstone Homes and their clients regarding the warrantable items covered therein.