Realtor Partners

Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for the Realtor Rewards Program, the following registration guidelines must apply:

  • The registration is valid for six months. After the expiration date, it is the responsibility of the Agent to re-register his/her clients in order to be eligible for the Capstone Homes Rewards Program(s).
  • The Agent was the one to refer the client to a Capstone Homes community and/or Offsite build.
  • Before or during the clients first visit, the Agent registered them with a Capstone Sales Representative.
  • The client acknowledges that the Agent referred him/her to a Capstone Homes community upon first visit.
  • Capstone Homes will only pay one Broker commission per sale. If the client has registered with multiple Agents, Capstone Homes will only pay the Realtor designated by the customer at the time of contract.
  • The client has been presented with an Info Sheet.

*All information is subject to change without notice, certain exclusions may apply.

*Agent must accompany client at first visit.

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